ADF image Distortion

Figure Example ADF image of PbZr0.2Ti0.8O3 and a corresponding \(e_{xx}\) distortion map.

Strain++ is an open source program used to measure strain from high resolution transmission electron microscope (TEM) images. Strain is measured using the geometric phase analysis (GPA) algorithm as detailed in Martin Hÿtch’s paper:

Hÿtch, M. J., Snoeck, E. & Kilaas, R. Quantitative measurement of displacement and strain fields from HREM micrographs. Ultramicroscopy 74, 131–146 (1998)

GPA is a Fourier space technique and is therefore more robust to noise than real space techniques, making it a great tool for quick and easy strain analysis.


The external libraries used are listed here with their uses and licenses